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Renditioner v2 (For SketchUP Pro PC) (Win)

Product ID: 1508542 / Mfg Part #: 00IRG520DC
IMSI - Renditioner

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Photorealistic rendering that’s easy to use, productive for professionals.

IDX Renditioner is a “one button” easy to use rendering plug-in that works directly inside SketchUp™. Setup is as simple as it gets. Rendering is quick with multi-threading support. And adjusting the look of materials, or adding lights is a snap! Renditioner makes creating photorealistic rendering simple and intuitive yet powerful enough for professional results.

Achieve your visualization goals quickly — IDX Renditioner practically automates the setup for you. It is one-button easy, providing default bump maps, reflectance, and material finishes, natural lighting with background environments, and simple Preview, Standard, and Presentation level render defaults. Yet it is easy to add a background image, insert a light component, change material finishes, reflectance levels or smoothness, or switch to a different lighting condition, like moonlight. With IDX Renditioner, concentrate on creating your design vision and minimize all the technical setup hassles.

Create moving photorealistic renderings — Bring your visions to photo-reality with IDX Renditioner. Small changes to material finishes, reflectance levels, or bumpiness can bring your textures to life. But emotional images often come from light and color. IDX Renditioner provides pre-built lighting components that are easy to control. Change cone width, intensity, or colors, and highlight items in your scene or enhance a particular mood.

Get “High Definition” Results — Get high quality results with larger print sizes, including support for renderings up to 16 mega-pixels. You also have complete flexibility in the render dimensions, so can easily create Portrait or Landscape images, even Panoramas.

Receive a quick Return On Investment — You’ll have great results from day 1, with a streamlined workflow, professional, and presentation ready results.


Besides being fun, and easy to use, IDX® Renditioner is highly productive software suitable for a variety of professional activities. It is especially useful for quick and early design visualization. In early phases of a project IDX Renditioner is fast and produces quality printable images so that it will quickly pay for itself in one project.

Ease of use — IDX Renditioner was designed to be one-button easy and often the results are all that’s needed to take your project to the next stage! Deeply integrated with SketchUp™, IDX Renditioner feels intuitive and doesn’t include all the jargon and complicated controls of other rendering software. Renditioner reads the SketchUp geometry, the position of the sun, uses the SketchUp materials which can be further enhanced, and allows artificial lights to be inserted or created with SketchUp components. There is a simple toolbar and two right-click menu items all integrated in SketchUp. Artificial lights and IDX material settings are even stored in the .skp file.

Render modes — There are three preset render buttons for Preview, Standard, and Presentation renders. If you want you can change the values for those presets. You can also optimize render settings by setting the scene size (Room, Building, etc) and for advanced renders switch between lighting environments (Exterior, Interior, and Studio). These simple settings determine what settings the render engine uses: the size and frequency of light samples, the number of bounces, global illumination and final gather settings, and more.

Lighting — Natural lighting is controlled by selecting a weather condition: clear sky, cloudy, hazy, twilight, or full moon are just a few. The SketchUp sun position can be over-ridden to position the moon or sun in a certain way. Artificial lights are provided, but it is simple to make your own from any component. One component acts like the light fixture, while a subcomponent acts like the bulb. Just right click to adjust the type of bulb or change the color, intensity, even the spot light cone width using a slider. IDX Renditioner includes a variety of spot light and point light settings.

Materials — IDX Renditioner uses the materials in your SketchUp model. They can be imported textures, or standard SketchUp textures. Renditioner automatically generates a bump map for each texture and gives you the option to make items smoother or bumpier, or reverse the bump. A material finish, Matte by default, is applied to every texture. Select from Glass, Plastic, Polished, Varnished, Polished Metal and more. Each of the finishes can be fine tuned for more or less reflectance. And each finish also modifies the bump map slightly. Use a solid color with Polished Metal, for example, and watch the item come to life when you render!

Environments — Click a render button and you’ll see a background sky and ground plane that go with the lighting conditions (night, hazy, twilight, etc). You can simply over-ride those choices by selecting your own colors, you can use the SketchUp colors, or you can add a background image to provide a realistic sky, vegetation, or city scene.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
  • 1 GB RAM minimum — 3 GB RAM recommended
  • Pentium 4 CPU — high speed multicore CPU recommended
  • SketchUp or SketchUp Pro v6, v7 and v8


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