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If you're like many users, you may have a digital camera, plenty of snapshots, and a copy of Photoshop Elements, Adobe's consumer-level image editing software. But as anyone who's just come back from vacation with hundreds of digital photos knows, getting all those photos printed and
organized is another matter altogether. Many users find that printing photos on a home printer and assembling them into a traditional photo album can be a tedious and painstaking chore.

With Adobe Photoshop Elements for Windows, all this has changed. Using this software, you can easily organize your digital photos into an album and then order a hardcover, professionally bound book printed from your album pages.

Best-selling author Katherine Ulrich cuts straight to the chase in this compact, low-priced volume, using simple project-based instruction and big, colorful screen shots to guide you through the process of assembling your digital photos into an album using Photoshop Elements for Windows. By
focusing on a single goal (organizing your photos into an album) rather than exploring every option and feature of the software, Katherine demonstrates the quickest, easiest, smartest route to photographic success. Each short builds on the last as you learn how to import photos from your
digital camera to your PC, add captions and notes, fix image flaws, position your photos, create albums, choose your styles, fine-tune your layouts, and order your stunning book of photos online (or print your own).

This book's friendly, colorful layout and ultra-affordable price makes it ideal for anyone who wants to quickly learn how to create beautiful, printed photo books to share with family and friends.

Author: Katherine Ulrich
Published: January 2005
ISBN: 0321270819
160 Pages