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Roger Miller believes that students learn best when they are motivated, and that motivation comes when they connect an idea to their day-to-day lives. That is why every chapter of Economics Today is packed with thought-provoking applications that give immediate, common-sense reinforcement to economic concepts. From international to local, corporate to consumer, policy to personal, these examples spark lively discussion both in and out of the classroom. The result is that students gain a natural understanding of economic theory and analysis, and they learn to use economic reasoning in their everyday decisions.

Features include:

  • Features examples, issues, and applications students want to read and discuss, including international, policy, business, e-commerce and daily life examples. Representative applications include the Tradeoff Between Allocating Resources to Fight Terrorism versus Other Crimes, The Economics of a Tornado Cleanup, Relation Between College Tuition and Government Subsidies, Just-in-time Inventory Techniques, Government-funded Research Grants, and Outsourcing and U.S. Computer Technical-support Services.

  • Economics Today is ideal for principles courses that serve a broad range of majors, and especially economics, business, and policy majors. Economics Today employs a lively writing style any student can follow, and the wide range of examples ensures that all students will find something in the text to which they can connect.

  • Balance of Keynesian and Classical analysis gives the instructor the flexibility to play up or down specific models and schools of thought.

  • Strong international integration throughout, with an abundance of international policy examples.

  • Economics Today introduces economic growth and development conceptually in an early macro chapter, and then explores growth theories and policies in a later chapter, allowing an instructor the flexibility to deal with long-run topics both early and late in the course.

  • Economics Today devotes entire chapters to high-interest topics such as Unions and Labor Market Monopoly Power, Income, Poverty and Health Care, and Environmental Economics.

  • MyEconLab helps students study efficiently and get better grades. How? For each chapter, students take a brief quiz and draw graphs on the screen to check their understanding. MyEconLab grades the quiz (even the graphs!) and generates a customized Study Plan. That Study Plan pinpoints which sections students have mastered and which ones they need to study further. From there, students work through additional problems that are targeted to help them in their weak areas.

  • MyEconLab is like an extra TA. Not only does it help students pinpoint their weak spots and give feedback on graphs they draw (see above), but it grades all their homework for you! Instructors can assign the pre-made, recommended homework sets for each chapter, or they can create their own homework questions using the Test Banks. Students complete the homework assignments online, and MyEconLab grades everything automatically. Instructors check scores by visiting the online gradebook.

Author: Roger LeRoy Miller
Published: July 2005
ISBN: 0-321-27897-6
920 Pages