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The leading economists today started out as students taking the Principles course. Parkin writes in a way that reaches out to all students, encouraging them to think like economists from the first week of class. Economics provides a serious, analytical approach to the discipline by introducing the main ideas and then developing those ideas with the latest research, policy, and data. The result is that students learn to apply economics the way real economists do, by evaluating the decisions in their personal, academic, and professional lives.

The Eighth Edition takes a new approach to modern macroeconomic theory with an earlier integration of international topics that gives an accurate picture of how theory is used to guide and evaluate macroeconomic policy. The microeconomics chapters include the latest research, and incorporate a unifying theme related to the tension between self- and social-interest.

Starting in this edition, MyEconLab now includes all of Parkin’s end-of-chapter problems so that assignments can be automatically graded online.


  • A unifying theme focuses student attention on the ‘big ideas’ of economics. Ten topics illustrate the central question, "Do choices made in the pursuit of self-interest also serve the social interest?" Introducing the text, this theme is revisited throughout and gives cohesion to the course material.

  • Parkin's diagrams show the action. With a consistent and meaningful use of color, each and every figure has been designed with the needs of students in mind. Graphs are paired with data tables, color-blended arrows show movement, diagrams are labeled with boxed notes, and extended captions provide study and review.

  • Reading Between the Lines show students how to apply economic tools. At the end of each chapter, students use their new tools to analyze a current news article.

  • Interviews with Economists. One of Parkin’s goals is to show students that people just like them have gone on to change the landscape of economic history. At the end of each part, he features an interview with leading economist. Parkin explores their research, what inspired them to become an economist, and what advice they have for today’s beginning student.

  • Modern macroeconomics is a tool for understanding and evaluating policy decisions. Organized around the principle that the forces determining long-term trends are distinct from short-term fluctuations, Parkin strikes a balance of coverage that is serious yet accessible, and synthesizes the traditional with the modern.

  • You’re the Voter sections tackle topical issues of the current campaign season. Students analyze the promises, problems, and possibilities of the 2008 presidential campaign and dissect their own stances on key policy issues.

  • MyEconLab, the online assessment and tutorial system that accompanies the text, gives students the tools they need to learn from their mistakes. Each online problem set becomes a true learning moment because, at the end of the assignment, students identify their weak spots and receive tutorial help to master those areas. With MyEconLab, students get more out of each assessment, and professors can choose how much—or how little—time they want to spend setting up the course. For more information, visit MyEconLab.

8th Edition
Michael Parkin
Jul 2007
ISBN13: 9780321423009
ISBN10: 0321423003