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Product ID: 627209 | Mfg Part #: T04636
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Grade Levels: K - 3

In Type to Learn Jr.: New Keys for Kids, early keyboarders focus on using the letter and number keys, the shift key, Home Row, and select Internet symbols.

With new keys to learn, your early keyboarders build their skills while they practice. Expanding on the Type to Learn® Jr. basics of posture, hand placement, and keyboard awareness, this program’s three activity areas focus on:

  • using the Home Row keys
  • typing words with capital letters
  • typing short sentences with simple punctuation
  • practicing number keys
  • introducing Internet symbols

The friendly Sunbuddies™ guide them through three skills-building activities. Each activity area contains clearly spoken audio prompts and displays a color-coded keyboard for visual guidance. Watch students develop skills as they visit:

  • Tiny’s Multiplex: Students go to the movies for Home Row practice, typing missing letters of a matinee movie title on the theatre’s marquee. Students use the shift key for capital letters.
  • Cassie’s Grocery Store:** Students practice typing number keys as they help Cassie at her busy checkout register.
  • Sunbuddy Cyber Cafe:** Students become familiar with common Internet symbols as they type Internet and email addresses. They practice typing short messages in an email format.

Like all Sunburst keyboarding programs, teacher management tools let you personalize instruction with features that allow for:

  • access automatic record-keeping
  • create and review classroom lists
  • set keyboard display style
  • select practice or play modes for students
  • pre-select student practice time and activity sets
  • turn music on or off
  • review and print student reports
  • print student completion certificates

System Requirements


  • PC ME
  • PC 2000
  • PC NT
  • PC XP
  • PC Vista
  • CPU PC:486
  • Memory PC:8 MB


  • Mac 9.X
  • Mac OS X
  • Mac OS X Client 10.2.x
  • Mac OS X Client 10.3.x
  • Mac OS X Client 10.4.x
  • Mac OS X Server 10.2.x
  • Mac OS X Server 10.3.x
  • Mac OS X Server 10.4.x
  • CPU Mac:68040
  • Memory Mac:8 MB