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The University of Dreams

by Cameron Conder

Who doesn't want a chance to work in the cosmopolitan city of their choice for one of the top companies in the world? University of Dreams is a company, focused on giving students access to the best internship possibilities, while giving them an experience of a lifetime.

In general, an internship is a temporary position that focuses on job training rather than employment. Internships are an opportunity for a student to learn about office politics, workforce skills, and company environment while building their resumes and portfolios. Internships can provide you with the most important learning tools you'll gain in college. Aubrie Tabrizi, a 21 year-old Finance major at the University of Texas, attended the University of Dreams New York program the summer before her junior year as a financial intern at Smith Barney. Aubrie says, 'Having an internship in college is as vital as pursuing a degree in today's business world. Not only does an internship provide on-hand job experience, it allows students to gain an edge by exploring different careers.'

Summer internships present the best opportunity for students to gain as much knowledge as possible because of the flexibility of not having classes and being able to work full-time. Aubrie also states, 'While gaining deep insight into various paths, interns meet people and make lasting connections. Internships are not an option anymore; they are a necessity for all students in every field.' Internships provide students with the experience employers are looking for, build impressive resumes, and sometimes lead to full-time jobs.

University Dreams, also referred to as UofDreams, is a career-focused company that places students at a summer internship in the major city of their choice for a flat rate fee. UofDreams provides many services to its members, such as housing, meal plans, weekly seminars, excursions, city tours, daily transportation to and from work, and many other services. The staff and internship placement agents are dedicated to making your summer memorable and exciting.

Patrick Ryan, the UofDreams International Placement Agent says, 'University of Dreams makes it possible for students to have the summer of a lifetime in some of the most attractive cities in the world, which students are usually not able to do on their own. The prospect of securing an internship with a top notch company, locating a very comfortable place to live, and having amazing things to do on the weekends with a group of 60-100 friends in a completely foreign city is a very daunting task for most people. This is exactly what University of Dreams does. All of this, coupled with weekly seminars with experts of every field to help prepare students to really go after and get what they want once they have graduated makes University of Dreams the best combination of a great experience for both your present and your future.'

To apply for UofDreams you must go to the UofDreams website and select the city you would like to live in. The selection of cities is growing year by year. This year, students have the choice of working in New York, Chicago, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Paris San Francisco, and Sydney. Additional information on payments, the application process, eligibility requirements, program information, financing, dates and deadlines, etc. are located on the UofDreams website.

One advantage of going through University of Dreams to get an internship is that you have help during the internship process rather than doing it all on your own. Each placement agent is focused on finding the perfect internship for each student. Placement agents in each industry have contacts in the city you prefer and set up interviews with some of the top companies in your industry. Ehsan Safavi, a 22 year-old Business Administration graduate from the University of Southern California, interned at AXA Advisors in New York this past summer through University of Dreams. Ehsan says 'One thing I can say that if not for my internship that UofDreams found for me I would not have my full-time job here in Los Angeles. I am fortunate enough to work for the same company, which I worked for during my stint at UofDreams.' Interns applying through UofDreams have an advantage over others vying for the same position because each UofDreams agent has a relationship with each of the companies you interview with. As with Ehsan's case, this advantage may even lead you to a full-time job offer.

However, the benefits of the UofDreams programs far exceed just an incredible internship. The services provided along with the internship make the program the best of its kind. Housing at a home university, meal plans, daily transportation, weekly excursions, and the friends you make for a lifetime are just a few of the advantages the UofDreams program has to offer. The fun excursions planned by UofDream's staff allow members to get to know and love the city in which they are living. Also, the friends you make last for a life-time, and can make for great contacts in your professional future.

University of Dreams also provides weekly seminars from well-known professionals in different industries. Each speaker strives to inspire the UofDreams participants to work towards their professional and personal dreams. Each speaker gives advice and techniques to become successful in life. Such speakers include:

...and many other substantial guests. Brock Williamson, a 25 year-old Mass Communications and Journalism graduate from the Southern Mississippi Graduate School, interned with UofDreams last summer in New York. Brock says, 'University of Dreams is the perfect tool that can be used to prepare college students for their transition into their working environment. With informal speakers giving you tips on how to obtain your dream employment, to an internship with a fortune 500 company - the University of Dreams will open your eyes to all that is possible within your career.' Brock now has the job of his dreams as a full-time SportsOne Public Relations Director for the #00 Domino's race team in the NEXTEL Cup.

University of Dreams is growing every year with members and locations around the world. This year, UofDreams has added 3 cities to its list of programs totaling 11 cities in all, and has 2,230 alumni to date. The possibilities for participants are endless as the opportunities for an internship and the summer of lifetime increase as UofDreams becomes larger. If you would like more information about University of Dreams, please visit their website at and contact a representative. UofDreams also provides contacts for your parents and alumni contacts for you to answer any questions you may have.

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