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Electronic Software Delivery

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Best PC Fixit Complete for Windows

Please Note: Once the order has been processed, this product is nonreturnable. This is a download only item.

Computer Expertise At Your Fingertips!

Best PC Fixit Complete Computer Protection, Repair, and Maintenance Software provides How To Solutions are developed and explained by experienced computer technicians using easy to follow Step-By-Step instructions that shows you how to Protect, Tune-up, Maintain, Upgrade, and Fix your own computer or Laptop as often as you like. Keep your Windows, XP, or Vista computer performing at its optimum speed using the best Industry Acclaimed and Expert Technician Tested FREE software from our Library of Free Software Tools.

Prevent Computer Laptop and Desktop Problems to Save Time Money and Frustration:

  • Find, Remove, and Prevent Computer Viruses and Malware Infections
  • Use Industry Acclaimed Free Software Programs to Monitor, Protect, and Tune-up your Computer From Our Library of Free Software Tools
  • Discover and Control What's Running on Your Windows PC to speed up Your laptop and desktop computer
  • Perform Easy Routine and Preventive Computer Maintenance to Extend the Life of Your Computer

Protect Your Laptop and Desktop Computer From the Internet:

  • Learn How to Monitor and Update Your Internet Browser and Plug-ins to Prevent Computer Virus Infections
  • Install Free Internet Computer Browser Protection Software to Protect Your Computer While Surfing the Internet or Visiting Internet Cafes.
  • Stop "Drive-by" Website Computer Virus Infections
  • Stop Computer Malware Pop-ups
  • Stop Computer Malware from "phoning home"

Tune Up Your Own Computer for Maximum Performance and Save Money:

  • Speed-up Your Computer
  • Remove Junk Computer Files, Dangerous Temporary Internet Files, and Clutter
  • Clean Up and Optimize the Windows Registry
  • Increase Disk File Access Speed by Defragmenting Your Hard Drive
  • Upgrade or Replace PC Components for Increased Computer Speed

Backup Your Computer and Your Important Data Files:

  • Hard Disk Recovery - Quickly Recover From a Computer Hard Disk Crash, a Computer Virus Infection, or Theft
  • Schedule and Perform Full System Computer Backups
  • Schedule and Perform Incremental and Selective File and Folder Computer Backups
  • Recover Photos, Music, Documents, Spreadsheets, and Other Data Files and Folders
  • Create and Use Computer Crash Recovery Disks to Recover or Fix a Crashed, Infected PC and a Lost or Stolen PC or Laptop

Best Computer Crash Recovery Emergency DVD:

  • Watch Computer Recovery How To Videos On Your TV DVD Player Or Other Computer
  • Find and Remove Persistent Computer Virus Infections From Your PC
  • Fix Computer Boot (start-up) Problems
  • Bare Metal PC Recovery After a Computer Crash or Computer Theft
  • Recover Computer Data Files and Backup Files From Your PC Before Re-installing Windows if You Have No Backup
  • Fix Windows Registry Corruption That Prevents Windows From Starting Up Correctly
  • And more...

Upgrade and Replace Desktop and Laptop Components:

  • Upgrade or replace RAM memory
  • Replace or Upgrade Your Laptop and Desktop Hard Drive-- Upgrade Hard Disk to a Larger Size. We show You How Without Having to Re-install Windows and All of Your Programs
  • Replace Computer Power Supplies and Cooling Fans
  • Replace Laptop and Desktop DVD drives and more...

Receive Computer Repair and Computer Threat Alert Newsletters:

  • First Alerts - Receive Best PC Fixitぐ First Alerts - Alert Email Warnings That Notify You of New Malware and Computer Virus Threats, Critical Program Updates, and Procedures to Prevent and Correct Problems Caused By Them
  • Tech Talk - Receive Best PC Fixitぐ Tech Talk, our monthly E-Newsletters highlighting New Free Software Tools and Programs, Computer Repair How To Tips, and New Computer How to Procedures

Best PC Fixitぐ computer repair technicians test each program thoroughly before adding it to our Complete - Software Solution Pack. Download Technician Tested and selected FREE Computer Protection, Repair, Maintenance, Backup, Disk Recovery and other computer-data protection programs. All free software programs are Industry Acclaimed, and are among the best available.

Our Computer How To Procedures provides step-by-step instruction that shows you how to download, install, and setup each free software program, as well as how run each program on your own PC using these free Industry Acclaimed Computer Software Tools.

We continually add the latest free software programs, along with How to Instructions to our products.

Use Best PC Fixitぐ Complete as often as you like to keep your Windowsぐ 7, XP, or Vista computer protected against equipment failure, power problems, and viral infections.

Don't lose any more valuable files! Be preparedヲ Backup your computer today. Do it yourself and save with No Annual Fees!

You receive all of this for a One-time low price!

In addition to our product, you receive:

  • Installation on Two (2) PCs
  • Two Years of Free Updates For the Solution Pack (Via Download)
  • One Year Subscription To Best PC Fixitぐ Tech Talk E-newsletter
  • One Year Subscription To Best PC Fixitぐ First Alerts E-newsletter

Minimum System Requirements:

Operating Systems Supported:

  • Microsoftョ Windowsョ XP (32-bit) Home/Professional/Tablet PC/Media Center (32-bit) with Service Pack 2 or later
  • Microsoftョ Windowsョ Vistaョ (32-bit and 64-bit) Starter/Home Basic/Home Premium/Business/Ultimate
  • Microsoftョ Windows 7ョ (32-bit and 64-bit) Starter/Home Basic/Home Premium/Ultimate
  • Adobe Reader